#Marquise Francis: Progressive leaders warn Biden administration to ‘hold the line’ on minimum wage hike

Nina Turner, former national co-chair of Senator Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign, says middle- and low-income Americans are “drowning in” and need a major relief package from the White House and Democrats in Congress.

“When you have people suffering from a pandemic of this kind, they need immediate relief,” Turner, the Ohio congressman running for Housing Secretary Marcia Fudge, told Yahoo News this week.

“And so there should have been $ 2,000 on the first day. It’s like someone in the middle of the ocean drowning, and if you’re at the beach and you can save them, you say, ‘Wait, wait a minute. I’ll be back in a few days, or I’ll be back in a month.”

Before his inauguration, President Biden paid for $ 2,000 in checks to Americans struggling with the pandemic and the resulting shutdowns that led to many businesses shutting down. The current $ 1.9 trillion relief package includes an appropriation for $ 1,400 checks, but the White House indicates that since the last Congress approved $ 600 in December, the total has still reached $ 2,000.

Turner and a host of progressive leaders in and out of Congress are pushing the Biden administration to go big and rush COVID-19 relief to families who say they urgently need help paying for food, rent and plus.

“The Democrats got what we asked for,” Turner said. “We ask for control of the presidency. We request control of both houses of Congress. We have it. So now is the time to act on behalf of the people. ”

In his first three days in office, Biden signed more than 30 executive orders and actions. The measures stopped funding for former President Donald Trump’s border wall construction, increased COVID-19 vaccination supplies, repealed Trump’s travel ban that primarily targeted Muslim countries, and imposed a federal mask mandate. But progressives say they are frustrated by the length of time it has taken to pass an aid package through Congress and argue that the promise of $ 2,000 checks was essential to Democratic victories in last month’s Senate elections in Georgia. .

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